Our prayers go out for the victims and the families who have suffered such horrendous losses in the Washington state mudslide. It seems more than odd to me that such an extraordinary amount of TV time has been spent (wasted) on the airliner mystery crash and so much less on the mudslide story. As important as the airliner story is, it didn’t need to have almost all major cable news stations reporting (it seemed) 24-hours a day with repetitious speculation. The number of fatalities in the Washington disaster may finally exceed those of the airliner disaster. What a horrible way to die.

Rest in peace all victims of these disasters.


Congratulations to our City Manager David Rowlands and our city council for beginning the much awaited street paving program. It’s great to see Fillmore surging back with such strength.


I have a hard time understanding how quickly America’s military strength has dissipated. From our previous position as the world’s only super power the Obama administration has reduced our status as defender of the free world to a shameful false friend of betrayed allies, Poland and the Baltic States. Who can trust us now?

Obama’s Leftist ideology and naïve national security policies amount to a nuclear Trojan horse. Informed, rational people must recognize the mindset of our Commander in Chief to be more than mere naïveté. Obama is deliberately deconstructing America’s national defense. How else can his conduct towards our armed forces be understood?

At a time when the world’s geopolitical situation mirrors pre World War 11 Obama decimates America’s armed forces. At that time Mussolini invaded and annexed Ethiopia, with Emperor Haile Selassie’s pleas to the League of Nations for help, rejected. The Spanish Civil War broke out. Hitler, as the Furer of Germany began picking-off smaller parts of Europe like the Sudetenland districts (because they had many German-speaking people there - ring a bell?) He was named Time magazine's Man of the Year for 1938.

Then he moved on Poland and started the world war.

Today, we have Putin, Mussolini’s megalomania twin, and (as former KGB leader) Hitler’s and Stalin’s evil progeny.

Our present American government is utterly ignorant of today’s military realities. Our State Department is a hollow joke; its comments on Russia’s recent aggression displaying frightening ignorance and stupidity. These fools disparage Putin as someone living in the 19th Century rather than the 21st. Maybe, but 19th Century strategy is working just fine for Putin, and will continue to do so as long as he and his cohorts (China, Iran, North Korea, etc) see that America is weak and has laid down its arms in the face of its enemies.

Thanks to Obama’s complete lack of experience in foreign policy, and his lack of common sense, expect to see a Middle East atomic arms race very soon. Iran will get the bomb, and Israel will have no choice but to attack.

America has never been so vulnerable, not even in the pre-WWII era. Barack Obama and his team of sissies could be the death of our nation as it works to take our military strength back to pre-WWII levels, while Russia and China build their forces with unprecedented speed.