I regret that the Gazette’s city reporter was ill during Tuesday’s city council meeting. I wasn’t able to cover the agenda.

I would, however, like to thank former Police Chief Monica McGrath for her outstanding work during the past three years. Among her many accomplishments was the recent $750,000 grant for city law enforcement. She will be missed as she moves up to the position of Commander in charge of eastern Ventura County. I regret the Gazette did not receive a press release providing more detail on her promotion.

Thanks very much Monica.

Welcome to our new Police Chief, Dave Wareham, long time Fillmore resident and friend to many!


I hesitated to begin writing about Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's reported plan to cut back the Army to its smallest numbers since BEFORE World War II. I don’t want to have a stroke.

This is such insanely outrageous foolishness I can hardly believe it. If not insanely outrageous, it is the activity of traitors, or just dangerously stupid people.

Don’t we understand yet that America has never before faced such a probable catastrophic threat to its existence? We are still fighting wars. More implacable nuclear enemies are preparing to attack the West, especially America, by multiple tactics, than ever before. And our Leftist president, friend to all of our Islamic Jihadist enemies, and enemy of our long-time friends and allies (Israel), stimulates the white hot contempt of Iran, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Russia, etc. These deadly enemies publically mock Obama and America and challenge us to fight. Look at Putin dealing with Ukraine! PUTIN RATTLES SABER; TROOPS ON ALERT... No doubt they await more Obama red lines (or red carpets)to tread across.

Around the world the USA is no longer taken seriously by our enemies after witnessing Obama’s craven performance as Commander in Chief of the United States of America. They know he's an empty suit, a coward.

And this guy Chuck Hagel is telling the American people to “get real” as he seeks to emasculate what was once the greatest military power in the world! Hagel and Obama, by this action, are INVITING Jihadists, Communists, Leftist anarchists, and just plain Satanic mad dogs (like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un) to attack us. How can they resist the temptation when our Commander fills our combat forces with women and welcomes openly homosexual conduct in the ranks? Under these circumstances America must be bigger and stronger than any enemy determined to kill us off. This should be obvious to reasonable people. Another thing: hands off the Warthog!!

We are going to spend critically needed defense money on food stamps, instead?

This cost-cutting is so utterly suicidal that I fear to look more deeply into the details.

Obama and his flying monkey minions will be the death of America during his three remaining years in office. Impeachment cannot happen quickly enough.