The long awaited decision by Administrative Judge Joseph D. Montoya in the Egedi case was published last week for two particular reasons. First, it’s necessary to establish fault. The case had dragged on (unnecessarily in my opinion) for many years, at great expense to the county and the City of Fillmore. Second, much false information (hearsay) and many false allegations had been directed against those seeking to bring criminal charges and a dismissal from employment. The record had to be established to question the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of tax dollars, even though no trial was ever set and no reimbursement made to the city or county.

Publication has put an end to approximately six years of the public being unable to discover information as the case was “under investigation.” The public can make up its own mind as to how well this matter was handled. In the end, Judge Joseph D. Montoya rendered a fair and precise decision.

* * *

I read that the Seahawks had “cracked the code” used by Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning. If true, the Seahawks knew in advance every play the Broncos took. Surprisingly, I haven’t heard much about this. Again, if true, hundreds of millions of fans would have seen an entirely different game, and possible outcome. I hope it wasn’t true.

* * *

Bill Clinton – again? Why don’t these two (or three, etc.) lovebirds just fade into the sunset?