Former defense secretary Robert Gates has just released his book which slams Obama’s leadership ability, particularly as it relates to the American war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq.

His assessment of Obama’s failings is no surprise to those of us who recognized Obama as a charlatan from his first year in office. I am only surprised that this revelation has been revealed before the end of his term. For that we owe a debt of thanks to Secretary Gates. Taking into account Obama’s utter cynicism about our military, his ignorance of foreign policy, and his extreme Leftist ideology, I’m surprised Gates did not quit as he so often wanted to.

This book (of which I’ve read only excerpts) exposes Obama’s fatal flaws – fatal at least to the young men and women he sent to the fight without a conviction of winning the war. This attitude is also reflected in Hillary Clinton’s shocking outburst “What difference does it make...?” whether we responded to the calls for military assistance in Benghazi. With this Leftist crowd the only thing that matters is politics and getting elected. They are more than a stain on America’s moral history (lives forfeited for nothing) they are the corrosive stuff that is eating away morale and unit cohesiveness.

It does not take great knowledge of military history; it just takes a little common sense to understand the end game here. Obama, contrary to the opinions of his best military strategists, pulled our troops out of Afghanistan far too quickly and completely. This guaranteed that the Taliban, streaming in from Pakistan, would simply fill the vacuum and once again take over the country. Even after 10 years of training, the Afghan military is unable to defend against the Taliban.

Iraq will also probably fall to the Jihadists. Then Syria will fall. After this, Libya will follow suit.

Then, Jordan, Egypt, etc.

Knowing that Iran will soon have the bomb to share with its Jihadist friends, what should the average reasonable man expect Israel to do in order to protect its existence?