I think Rush Limbaugh was right when he said, a week or so ago, that Obama and his team didn’t write this Affordable Health Care law. It’s probably been sitting in someone’s desk drawer for years. No one read it before passing the bill (certainly no member of Congress had read it). They just dusted it off and had a bunch of underlings draft thousands of pages of regulations to patch any obvious holes. Remember that famous Pelosi statement about having to pass the bill before we can understand what’s in it? Well now we know.

One prominent web program expert has said that he would be embarrassed to admit such a program had cost him more than a million dollars to create.

But, A clever company with a CEO who was a personal friend of Mrs. Obama was given 3 years and more than half a billion dollars to assemble this unworkable computer program which (working in tandem with the equally unworkable health care law) is wrecking millions of good health care policies. The Obama scheme, of course, is to collapse private health care and force the nation into a European-style government, single payer program. Another big government power grab to further his socialist inclinations.

So-called Obama Care is quickly raising havoc within the existing private healthcare system.

I have no hesitation repeating my opinion, expressed after Obama’s re-election. Obama will cause our nation to fall to our enemies and will destroy the stability of our military, economic, and moral foundations. He will appoint two new Supreme Court leftists, endangering our Constitutional freedoms) will pass so-called “comprehensive” immigration (which will end our two-party system) and be responsible for a WMD attack upon this country by Islamic Jihadists (including his Muslim Brotherhood pals).

Next week I’ll get into the negative aspects of my predictions.