A few more comments on a few facts reported on DRUDGE: Debt Ceiling: “How Much is $16.699 Trillion?” Well, that figure was the old U.S. debt ceiling, and that was quietly passed back in May, made possible by “extraordinary measures.”

America is living in a deadly, politically correct dream bubble. This last-minute deal between the House and Senate changes nothing. Any rational person must know that our country, thanks to Leftist-Liberal-Socialist policies (since President Wilson’s time, but especially during the Obama régime) America is de facto bankrupt. Whether we suddenly crash or slowly suffocate, there is no longer time to recover normal economic stability. We have lived the good life for decades on borrowed money, most of it borrowed from our most treacherous and dangerous enemies. Now they mock and deride us for our fiscal foolishness. The situation is so obviously dire that even rank amateurs like me can see the approaching disaster; just look clearly at the facts and ignore the lies and deceptions of the Liberal Left media and you will awaken in a cold sweat.

Obama On 'Coolest' Perk Of Being Prez: 'If I Want To Call Anyone In World And Talk, They Will Answer'...
Spoken like the spoiled child that 51 percent of our electorate voted into office, twice. Ah, the cool phone calls, and those regular foot massages, the office of Commander in Chief is a great gig.

Graham: Politicians In Washington Have Greed and Lust In Their Hearts...
True. But then it’s always been that way. The difference today is that’s all that’s left of much public service.

Turkey missile deal shows China's growing Mideast clout...Turkey is no longer a trusted friend, if it ever was. America’s only Middle Eastern friend is Israel, and we are selling her out. Turkey is just putting the final touches on its Islamification plan.

Agent CAN publish book on 'Fast and Furious'... I can’t wait for this one!

Tourists Fined $125 For Stopping Outside Closed National Park To Pose For Picture... Another example of what the Liberal Left is inflicting on American liberties. Take notice of how quickly those kindly Smokey the Bear helpers snapped to quasi-Fascist attention after hearing their master’s voice. Dr. Jekyll meets General Hyde. Are we now expected to live in fear? Let’s hope the perception in this case does not become the reality.