We’re about to go to war again, I guess. It all depends upon whether our fearless Commander in Chief can make up his mind. The problem is, among many others with Obama, that he has no experience at all with foreign policy or military affairs – or just about anything else other than organizing communities.

As hard to believe as it may be, an equally serious problem regarding America’s relations with Syria (and all other Islamic countries and communities) is an astounding official ignorance of the main enemy, Islam.

I’m certainly no expert on the history of Islam but I have made a concerted effort to learn about it during the past decade or so. I’ve read the best of the best on the subject and believe me when I say that we remain ignorant of Islam at our peril. The entire western world, America in particular, remains stunningly naive on the subject; we have been duped by Islamic Jihadists into thinking Islam is a religion of peace, as they gobble-up the remnants of Western and Middle Eastern Christian civilization. Before the extraordinary, bloody Arab invasions of the seventh century virtually all of what today is considered Muslim territory was Christian. Historians call this period of history “late antiquity” and even today this history is usually being taught erroneously.

But new, much more accurate information on this hazy period of late antiquity is now available. For example, Christians have no reason to apologize for the Crusades, though several bloody excesses did happen during that violent time. Though several particular Crusades failed, some miserably, in the end these defensive efforts were largely responsible for saving all of Western Europe from being overrun by Islamic armies and vicious nomadic tribes warring for booty and slaves.

What continues to be utterly unique about Islam is the fact that it is infused with religious fanaticism. The sole reason for Islam’s existence, according to the Quran, is to convert the world. The 1.3 billion Muslims in the world demand that the 5-plus billion non-believers convert to Islam; three options are provided. The first is conversion to Islam. The second is to pay the tax and become a “protected” person. The third option is to reject Islam and die, preferably by the sword. This is the core of Islam as found in the Quran and Hadith. Though there are several factions in the faith, believers are bound by Sharia law.

Muslim believers are commanded to fight all non-believers to the end of the world. This means PERPETUAL WAR, and this is the essential fact that even our military leaders (certainly our president) don’t understand. The concept of democracy is anathema to Islam, as are the basic tenets of Christianity and Judaism.

What about the hundreds of millions of Muslim believers who do not want war? They don’t understand Islam, but hundreds of millions of others do. The true believers are burning down thousands of Christian churches today, and murdering innocent Christians and Jews.

Because of these facts there will never be a natural peace in the Middle East or in any Muslim country. Islam exists to bring the world into submission to its beliefs.

The Muslim concept of peace is a carefully constructed mirage to advance Islam against all non-believers – forever.