Gee whiz. President Obama’s claim to have set al-Qaida back on its heels is apparently untrue. Just the internet “chatter” from this terrorist group has caused the US to shut down scores of our embassies around the world and actually evacuate many of them. Think of the expense involved in these precautions – all from the mere chatter of al-Qaida. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton (alleged to be the smartest woman in the world) take any precautions before the Benghazi attack, after repeated requests for assistance? Why didn’t she, as our brilliant Secretary of State, send help when those in Benghazi pleaded for assistance while under attack?

I hope someday the White House begins to understand that we are at war (not with terrorism, which is just a tactic) but with Islam (not radical Islam) but Islam as it has existed and acted since the seventh century. Islam’s entire reason for existence, according to the Quran and Hadith (which must be believed under penalty of death) is to conquer the world by reducing unbelievers to submission (dimitude) or death. Any Muslim who rejects this mission statement is either a heretic or apostate, which, again, deserves death under Sharia law.

Anyone who reads the history of Islam understands these facts and the facts are there for everyone to read. There is only one thing the traditional Muslim mind respects outside its own religious faith and that is force, overwhelming, credible military might – like America once had.

America’s pathetic lack of leadership and weakened state of moral and military readiness is why the dogs of war are once again salivating. Islam has always demanded perpetual war. This is why America must be perpetually strong and alert, and obviously so in the face of our enemies.

So, this latest threat to our embassies is just another example of Islam doing what it has been doing for a thousand years and more. It is, however, past time for our president to call it as it is, Islamic terror, not any form of “workplace violence”, which insults the intelligence of all thinking Americans, and makes us the laughingstock of the modern world.

Our very real bloodthirsty enemies are more inclined to react with contempt for America’s military as they observe some Cavalry units riding sidesaddle waving silken rainbow flags.

America still has the finest fighting force in the world. It’s the sworn moral duty of our Commander in Chief and the entire officer corps, to preserve the honor and integrity of that force, earned by the valor and bloody sacrifice of so many heroes. Anything less dishonors their sacrifice.