Well, here I am again, 90 minutes till deadline without a clue about what to write. Not that there’s a shortage of flammable issues out there. There’s former Congressman Anthony D. Weiner’s run to be New York City’s mayor. He’s trying a bold new campaign strategy of projecting online images of his private parts to win friends and influence people. I think the people of New York City deserve this sort of shock treatment after inflicting Nanny Bloomberg on the masses.

Then there are the disciples of the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton. They want to inflict great bodily harm on George Zimmerman for his alleged premeditated killing of the innocent “child”, Trayvon Martin (almost 18-years-old). This group claims Zimmerman is a racist who “profiled” Martin in order to kill him, though at no time in the entire investigation (including the FBI) and trial of Mr. Zimmerman was race ever determined to be an issue. The world can see how innocent Trayvon was by viewing his angelic photos (as a 12-year-old) constantly posted by the Leftist press. Trayvon’s authentically menacing, and most recent photo tells a different story. 911 tapes were also edited by the media to falsely impute racism to Zimmerman.

Every effort was made by the press, other race-baiting activists, and the prosecution itself, to frame Zimmerman. Trayvon had been suspended three times from school (in one year) and sent to live with his step-father. He was a habitual marijuana user and of other drugs, and was involved in fighting. The prosecution did its best to cover up the facts about Trayvon and to heap hot coals on Zimmerman. Even the president of the United States and his co-conspirator attorney general urged the prosecution of Zimmerman, after the verdict of not guilty was delivered by a jury of his peers. This should be recognized as the truly monumental scandal that it is.

We finally learn why Trayvon chose to purchase the Skittles and “ice tea” that evening. From A Call to Reason, By James H. Lilley, July 22, 2013: “Let's pause on the Skittles issue and look at what they are really used for by drug users nationwide, but especially in the South. A mixture of soda, Robitussin DM (which has the ingredient Dextromethorpha or DXM), or similar brand of cough syrup and Skittles produce a concocted high. One of the street names for this high causing concoction is "Lean." Found at the scene of Trayvon's shooting were two thirds of the mixture, Arizona Watermelon Fruit Cocktail and Skittles. Martin's autopsy showed liver damage from long-term use of "Lean," which can also cause psychosis and aggression.” For those interested in learning the facts about the Zimmerman shooting I suggest reading Mr. Lilley’s column. After the local police investigated this case professionally and determined that no probable cause existed to arrest Mr. Zimmerman, a conspiracy set in at once to convict Zimmerman. This conspiracy involved state and federal departments. Mr. Lilley once again: “Certainly there was no impartiality shown [sarcasm] by the Department of Justice when they sent their Community Relations Section to Sanford, Florida to help organize the Pro-Trayvon/Anti-Zimmerman rallies. In violation of Federal Law, taxpayer money was spent, though not hundreds of thousands of dollars, to plan and support these hate rallies. Members of the Community Relations Service also took part in the demonstrations and drove additional protesters to the events.” These actions are outrageous and should be a cause for alarm among all law-abiding citizens of good will in our republic. This is what “justice” has come to in Obama’s America. There surely is racial prejudice in our country, but it is becoming increasingly clear that most of it is fomented by racial minorities.