The George Zimmerman case should live in prosecutorial infamy. It has only one salutary reason for being remembered. That is the fact that it has exposed the enormity of governmental corruption in the judicial branch of our republic down to the lowest level.

For nearly five years now we’ve witnessed Attorney General Holder’s poisonous political influence on the conduct of our legal system, in what it pursues and what it ignores. With his partner in crime, Barack Obama, he refuses to prosecute two Black Panther thugs threatening would-be voters with blackjacks, releases terrorists, provides firearms to drug cartels, and the list of outrageous conduct goes unabated.

Among other things, the Zimmerman case is extraordinary for the public (world-wide) hostility it has sparked. This was not, as continuously characterized, a complex case. The facts are these: Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, aware of numerous robberies, burglaries, and home invasions in his area, spotted someone acting suspiciously. The weather was rainy and dark. He reported to 911 in an effort to fix the suspect’s position. He lost the subject and was returning to his car. Out of the darkness he was suddenly confronted and attacked by the subject who came close enough to smash Zimmerman in the face numerous times and break his nose. Zimmerman was knocked backwards to the grass with his head above the sidewalk. The subject began to “ground and pound” him with his fists and then began slamming Zimmerman’s head on the concrete. Zimmerman felt the subject reaching for his gun. Zimmerman, believing the beating could not be stopped without deadly force, drew his pistol and shot one time, killing the subject.

Anyone who has had his nose broken by a fist in the face knows how painful and destabilizing it is. The rest of the beating would seriously aggravate the physical and mental condition of the victim. A reasonable person should conclude that repeatedly slamming Zimmerman’s head against the concrete, with no end in sight, would cause the victim to believe he was suffering serious bodily harm, possibly life-threatening injuries. The facts show beyond reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor. This was a simple case of self-defense.
According to the local police, after thorough investigation of facts, this incident was determined to be a clear case of self-defense, and they found no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman.

What followed was entirely driven by political pressure, which was itself driven by outside racial hatred. When it comes to promoting racial hatred few racists can compete with Al Sharpton (of the infamous Tawana Brawley case) and Jesse Jackson (just as infamous); they’re professionals who have made millions at the game. Sharpton, now a MSNBC host, is paid well for his infamy. Both of these race-baiting clowns stirred the pot in the Zimmerman case. Co conspirators in the get-Zimmerman plot are President Obama and his lap dog Attorney General Eric Holder. Also, the Florida prosecutor Angela Corey’s participation in this malicious prosecution should result in her disbarment. I find it incredible that I should agree with two flaming liberals, Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, and radio commentator Leo Terrell. Both find the prosecution of this case outrageous. Dershowitz calls for Angela Corey’s disbarment. Among the get-Zimmerman zealots is the clueless attorney Jasmine Rand who calls for consideration of social engineering issues in this case.

The Zimmerman case should never have been brought to trial!

The general public should study the Zimmerman case thoroughly. It tells a startling story of a legal system completely out of control, forcing its agenda of social engineering into constitutional law.

It is reported that two or three citizens have been murdered over the verdict of acquittal in the Zimmerman case. Riots are deliberately provoked by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Zimmerman is faced with serious death threats, both against himself and his family members. From the president on down the Leftist-liberal line “justice” has become just another tool for social engineering, as are other government departments like the IRS, Justice Department itself, and numerous other sub-departments. It’s no wonder the Left wants to snuff-out our Second Amendment and the most ancient laws like self-defense. It all facilitates the liberal agenda.

Keep your powder dry.