Conway Spitler (twice) Citizen of the Year, passed away this week. He was a pillar of our Fillmore community for many decades, and a friend to the Fillmore Gazette for 25 years. He was a thoughtful man of strong, patriotic opinions.
Rest in peace, Conway.


For those interested in learning how quickly Fillmore is recovering from the last six years of city council mismanagement, take a look on Channel 10. Finally, we have a council that works thoughtfully and professionally together. It’s a pleasure to attend the meetings these days.
Welcome our new City Manager, David Wayne Rowlands. He comes to Fillmore with the highest recommendations for his solid experience and great success as a city manager. The bad old days will soon be just an uncomfortable memory. Our city is really coming back to life!


Like many people, I worry about the health and welfare of our armed forces laboring under a charlatan masquerading as Commander in Chief. Here’s a recent report on how the troops are doing under Obama’s new policy of welcoming openly gay service men and women:

When I read these sorts of things I have to ask why – why did the president and some of his top brass think it necessary to go beyond “Don’t ask-Don’t Tell”? After all, that policy didn’t exclude anyone, and it preserved the dignity of the vast majority of our armed forces who respect traditional Judeo-Christian mores. Whose business is it to know just what anyone else’s sexual proclivities might be? And, why would any normal person feel compelled to announce to his/her (Judeo-Christian) teammates that he/she celebrates the sacrament of sodomy. Those responsible for forcing this new policy on the captive, unsuspecting 99 percent deserve close scrutiny. What could their payoff possibly have been – promotion and retirement? How could this policy possibly contribute to military cohesiveness? Up to the present day, such a policy would have led to confusion, deep resentment, disorder, even bloodshed. “Be all you can be” is picking-up a loathsome connotation among millions of veterans who served their country with valor and sacred honor without the need to reveal their sexual values.

Check out the photo in this link and ask yourself if a determined enemy would feel terror or aggravated contempt when confronting these guys.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mullen (against the unanimous condemnation of his fellow Chiefs, and thousands of flag officers throughout the American military) insisted on this policy. American defense is weaker for it. His name, with his co-conspirators, will live in infamy.