The good news due from the Fillmore City Council that I spoke of last week has begun to appear. At Tuesday’s meeting the council announced that the bitterly controversial Sales Tax Revenue Sharing Agreement (from 2003)) has finally been settled. It is anticipated to bring in from $700,000 to $ l million to the general fund, until the year 2023. As former City Attorney Ted Schneider had informed us all along, the contract with Owens & Miner was valid and legally enforceable. The rancorous, unjust criticism of Mr. Schneider, which most of the former council engaged in for years, has now been shown to be the raw political slander it was from the beginning. Kudos to Councilman Steve Conaway for having the guts and stamina to stick up for Schneider, and for publically exposing the malice spewed by Patti Walker, Gayle Washburn, Jamey Brooks, Gary Creagle, and Bob Stroh against Schneider for so many years. For the record (and not to diminish by any means the great work done by present City Attorney Tiffany Israel to conclude this victory) Schneider had won every case on this issue. He was removed from his job by an extraordinary act of Machiavellian treachery, thanks to Gayle Washburn and (I’ll say it for the last time) the Katzenjammers (forgot how to spell it).
Thanks to Tiffany Israel for her tremendous work, and to our great new council which never lost faith.
The national news is so bad today I will skip my comments until next week. I’m anything but a defeatist, but I truly believe that Obama and friends have done terminal damage to America, American culture, American defense, and, in particular, American religion. These are evil people.

We will, very soon, pay a horrendous price for this collapse of the American moral tradition. The key to the conclusion of the final act is held by our Supreme Court; those nine will bury the traditional “American Way” in a Leftist avalanche.

For those of us who continue to believe in the Judeo-Christian God — it’s time to pray, with enthusiasm.