How great it is to see our new Fillmore City Council membership! I think this will prove to be one of the best functioning councils in decades.

It’s gratifying to anticipate that justice and common sense will once again prevail over the bitter personal politics which nearly destroyed our town a short time ago. The fragments of our formerly fractured city government are being mended.

Diane McCall, mysteriously removed from our Planning Commission without cause has returned as a council member. “Manny” Minjares, laid off as Assistant Planner, is back also as council member. Doug Tucker, former Planning Commissioner, won a seat on the council as well; Former Senior City Planner, Kevin McSweeney, is back as Planning Service Consultant. And last but for sure not least, former long-time councilman Steve Conaway was recently appointed to replace Brian Sipes on the council. With our new Mayor Rick Neal leading the way Fillmore is solidly back on track.

As Jackie Gleason used to say, “How sweet it is!”

* * *

Much controversy was caused these past several weeks over an alleged incident of American flag disrespect by a teacher at Fillmore Middle School. The teacher claims it was part of a lesson plan on the First Amendment, others strongly disagree. I see no resolution here without the teacher’s public explanation. Incidentally, the small photo used with the letter about the flag being stepped upon was a stock photo from the internet, unrelated to the incident in question.