Last week I reported on statements given our school board by a Fillmore Middle School student’s mother. She claimed that both her daughter and son were physically assaulted (bloodied), repeatedly threatened on and off campus, including a threat to her life. The mother also alleged that her daughter was being “cyber bullied” by other girls. She also alleges that classroom discipline was almost absent at times and that she has been unable to get assistance or protection for her children after several attempts.

The mother of the victim children moved here from Alaska in January. They thought Fillmore was a small, friendly place. I intend to find out what I can about this violent situation on the Middle School campus, where fighting among students is apparently becoming commonplace.

I wish I had a larger staff which would permit me to make a true investigation of these serious allegations, but I don’t. I will do the best I can.

I invite anyone with information on the bullying, fighting and threats, to contact this office. I would be glad to meet with you and discuss the situation.

I have not requested a meeting with school officials as yet but will attempt to do so this week. The administration has always been cooperative in the past and I am anxious to hear its side of the story as insofar as the law permits the release of information.

* * * *

If the world has gone off its rails, and I think it has, America is certainly the Pied Piper of crapulous travels.

I keep hunting, in vain, for some encouraging news. In my traditional world I search for evidence of normalcy, morality, frugality (low taxes), common sense, Judeo-Christian integrity, courage, justice and freedom; those kinds of things. I mean America as it was until the radical-Leftist infestation of about 1960. We had conquered our enemies and secured the blessings of liberty for our posterity.

Back then America was the undisputed powerhouse of freedom. As a nation we took things seriously, our religion, our Constitution, our schools, our military, our American way of life. It has never been perfect, that’s certain, but there was never a better nation on earth – and we were confident of that fact.

I have witnessed the most glorious points of our history, and have lived long enough to see the most infamous.

Today America is in latter stages of societal freefall; moral, financial, military, judicial, and religious collapse. A corrupt government (all three branches) has facilitated our demise. We have killed more than 50 million unborn children at every stage of development (including newborn). We have printed and speculated our currency into sums beyond imagination with hedge funds and sophisticated new financial creations. Christian churches are splintered into the thousands. Moral conscience has disintegrated into previously unimaginable depravity, abandoning most traditional Christian teaching. Government is suffocating business with confiscatory taxes and complex regulation. Political correctness has infected all of our thinking. The only standards remaining are fundamentally anti-religious. We have become ignorant and naïve.

On the other hand, our enemies have become strong and intimidating. We bow to communist China; we weaken our military forces and strengthen the enemy.

We are fearful of identifying our most deadly and active enemy, Jihadist Islam. It is not so-called “radical” Islam that is the enemy. According to Islam, the Quran cannot be interpreted in any way but literally. To do otherwise, by Islamic law, is blasphemy and subjects those who do so to a death sentence.

America’s prime enemy is fundamental, Jihadist Islam. The believers (hundreds of millions) tell us so, and demonstrate this repeatedly. It’s passed time to wake up and smell the gunpowder.