Our prayers go out for the families of those police officers who were slain in the line of duty recently by a rogue ex-officer. The pain that the perpetrator of these horrendous murders may have suffered perishing as he did in a burning cabin are nothing compared to the eternal flames he chose for himself.

May all of the officers and other innocent victims of this evil man rest in peace.


My thanks to School Superintendent Alan Nishino for providing a rebuttal statement to (last week’s) former Assistant Superintendent Michael Bush’s criticism of Dr. Nishino’s contract. It’s important to hear both sides of the issue before coming to conclusions.


Just when I thought I could relax and enjoy the quiet, orderly, and productive city council meetings being conducted by our new council, under the mayorship of Rick Neal, a perplexing gadfly has landed in the ointment. Former Mayor Gayle Washburn has begun to haunt the proceedings, offering advice and urging the council to pursue her old agenda. It’s rather pitiful.

Gayle, you lost the election, by a substantial margin, together with all your minions. You’re still in command as the Home Owner’s Association President. Can’t you be content with that?

As the song goes, it’s Time To Say Goodbye – please.


The Gazette has posted two informative videos on, concerning the Second Amendment threat launched by firearms phobic gun grabbers. They are well worth viewing.

The fact that always seems to go unmentioned in the numerous media anti-gun campaigns is this: In America the vast majority of firearms deaths are due to criminal conduct. Of the 11,000 annual deaths, almost all are due to gang activity, especially concerning drugs.

The most accurate professional studies (by professors John Lott, David Kopel, and Gary Kleck) show beyond question that approximately 3 MILLION Americans, every year, are saved from criminal violence by the use of their personal firearms. The vast majority of incidents do not involve firing a gun – merely showing the gun is often sufficient to halt the intended attack.

Again – 3 MILLION saved from violent criminal attack by the defensive use of firearms. Compare this to deaths by criminal firearms activity and remember that the great majority of those criminal actions are caused by gang activity. Rather than have the media continue to show only the victims of criminal firearm attack, it’s time to start interviewing some of the millions who have successfully defended against such attacks by the use of their private firearms.

Statistics tell us that gun bans, magazine restrictions, ammunition restrictions HAVE NEVER succeeded in reducing violent crime. Why? Because criminals, by definition, always ignore the law. That’s why they are called OUTLAWS. The effort to remove firearms from the hands of criminals must continue, but no final, complete success is possible, without getting rid of all the world’s firearms – which is completely impossible.

So, the government move to restrict and remove firearms from the 99 percent of law-abiding citizens can have no effect on the one percent of violent criminals. But such bans and severe restrictions do seriously diminish the ability of law-abiding citicens to protect themselves. Firearms bans are promoted by ignorant, paranoid legislators who are largely firearms phobic, and who have no understanding of American Constitutional rights. We are talking about RIGHTS, not privileges. In a constitutional republic like America, where the Constitution is the highest law, attempting to take away enumerated rights is itself unlawful, and should be resisted with all rational means.

One of the videos I mentioned above shows how two nations (Australia and England) can be quickly and completely deprived of civilian firearms and that violent crime rose dramatically as a reslult. They lost their rights because they were too slow to recognize what was happening. Make no mistake; the ultimate goal of anti-gun politicians is to deprive us of all firearms, regardless of what they say to the contrary. The Second Amendment has never had anything to do with hunting or sports. Its primary purpose has always been to provide a means to defend ourselves and our property against a tyrannical government and lawless civilians.

The other video is from a brilliant, articulate woman (Judge Jeanine). I would like to see her run for president. Judge Jeanine: "Owning a Gun, is my God-Given Right!" Opening Statement - 2-2-13.

Fight against those who seek to take our Second Amendment rights from us!