This is not a regular column. Several days have been spent preparing a large document in an attempt to answer many questions about my past editorials and the state of city hall. I have only 500 words here to introduce you to 5,000 words that will be posted here, in this Editorial section, on Friday October 19.

Our appointed Mayor Gayle Washburn and her political camp followers have criticized the Gazette and me personally for many years, claiming this small corner of the paper is responsible for a multitude of lies, distortions, and misrepresentations of fact.

At the center of the controversy are my opinions on the character and conduct of city council majority – Gayle Washburn, Jamey Brooks, and Brian Sipes. Washburn and Brooks (and Sandra Pella) are incumbent candidates in this November 6 election – together with their friend Clay Westling, city clerk. These four people, and former Mayor Patti Walker, compose the heart of the political group I call the Katzenjammers, a malevolent, energetically incompetent, agenda-driven cabal which has completely disrupted normal working conditions at city hall.

They have been aided in this activity by two loyal drama kings, Bob Stroh and (non-resident and former failed mayor) Gary Creagle for many years.

This group, beginning with Patti Walker, has been determined to stand city hall on its head and restructure everything [See Letter to Editor, page 9, Norma Amaro: “Four years ago, Gayle Washburn and Jamey Brooks were elected by ‘We the People’. Their code, “Take Back City Hall” has been accomplished.” (Ms. Amaro’s letter was sent to the Gazette via Patti Walker’s email account]. They will be remembered mostly for completely halting all residential construction in north Fillmore, by successfully promoting the passage of Measures H and I. This limited construction to no more than 350 units instead of the city-council and Planning Commission’s recommended 700 homes. Anything less than 700 is economically unfeasible. H and I caused several foreclosures and the destruction of businesses.

This group is also notorious for their incessant, disruptive opposition to the new, expensive, sewer-water treatment plant, and for the bonding method chosen to finance its construction. Everyone is suffering from record-high sewer-water bills, particularly local businesses.

What these people never explain, however, is the fact that the state and federal government mandated that discharge into the Santa Clara River be purified to unreasonable standards, which could not reasonably be met using the old sewer plant. Many other new regulations had to be met as well.

Extraordinary efforts over several years were undertaken by Fillmore’s then City Engineer, Bert Rapp to find the best solution. Much research was done to find the best technology, one that would last for years without subjecting the city to the draconian fines for any discharge not in compliance with the new, extremely high standards (which brought $10,000 per day mandated fines). The city still owes about $240,000 in fines, with interest, from the old plant’s failures. This mega document should tell the truth about the story of our plant and excessive water/sewer rates. Please look it over and decide who has been telling the lies.