It’s been a long time since I’ve felt hopeful of the political scene, about four years on the state and national side, and about eight years where Fillmore is concerned.

Paul Ryan has injected energy and focus to the Romney candidacy. Romney shows good judgment in picking the perfect running mate. Republicans now have two truly outstanding candidates to support. God bless them both and lead on to preserve our Constitution and save this great nation from a socialist future.

* * *

As for our little town of Fillmore, we have five outstanding residents running for office.

For city council we have “Manny” Minjares, Rick Neal, and Doug Tucker, all stand-up guys without personal agendas. Having met them all I have great confidence that if elected they will lead our town out of the morass of petty personal politics and corrupt practices. What a breath of fresh air they would be, applying their experience and common sense to the city’s business, and opening up public affairs for all to see.

The prospect of a new council majority is truly heartening. These are all solid men of good character and I enthusiastically endorse them.

Nancy Meyer is running for Fillmore City Clerk. Nancy is another outstanding candidate. It is hoped that her victory will free the city of Fillmore from the sticky grip of former failed mayor Gary Creagle, who gave us Clay Westling, the city clerk who is nothing less than a gofer for the Katzenjammer council majority. These are my words, not Nancy’s. Nancy has the experience, attitude, and energy to do a great job as city clerk. If elected she will let us know exactly what’s going on at city hall. Let’s hear it for truly open government once again.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Shannon Godfrey is running for City Treasurer. After hearing her introduction and listening to her appeal at Monday’s candidates gathering, I’m convinced she would also make a great addition to city government. Shannon is a team player who would work well with the rest of the new candidates. All of these candidates share a common positive attitude and desire to rebuild and energize our city government.

In the near future the Gazette will provide more detail about all of these candidates, their backgrounds, experience, and goals. What a relief to find such good people who hope to advance the quality of life in Fillmore and eliminate the nasty personal politics of the past.

So, once again, I am hopeful that the good sense of Fillmore voters will restore positive, effective, honest, and open government to our town.

Come November – please.