Communist China has been infamous for many things since its founding by Chairman Mao. Foremost in its diabolical atheist philosophy is a total disregard for the dignity and sanctity of humankind. The murder of more than 40 million of its own people is among its most diabolical historical accomplishments. Though it no longer mandates that its people wave Mao’s little red book, and now enthusiastically espouses western capitalism, its twisted progeny, North Korea, puts Mao (at his worst) to shame by comparison in terms of “lifestyle”. North Korea is Hell on earth, condensed.

While the plague of Islamic extremism exceeds all other cultures in the duration of its cruelty, hatred, and wanton mayhem, communism is without peer in sheer numbers of murder victims, hundreds of millions, and all that only since 1917.

Under China’s “one child only” mandate, hundreds of millions more innocent human beings have been killed through abortion, very many forced. Most of these mandated abortions have been of girls. So extensive has this horror been that China has now, possibly irretrievably, lost the normal balance of male-female demographic numbers. There are no longer sufficient numbers of females to provide mates for males.

But America is apparently seeing some merit in communist China’s policy of destroying female infants in utero. Abortion for the purpose of choosing gender is becoming popular in Planned Parenthood clinics. Mao would be proud.

A law is sought to be passed for the purpose of saving girls whose parents want to have a boy, or visa versa. The Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), H.R. 3541, will see a House debate Wednesday and a vote Thursday. According to one proponent of the new law, Charmaine Yoest, "There is nothing pro-woman about killing a baby girl because she is female and putting her mother’s health and safety at risk in the process."

I agree. Children of both sexes are a joy. This utterly vulnerable and innocent life must be protected from Chinese-style killing. We are faced with a true war on women.

CHARGE: Sex-selective abortions true 'war on women'...