I can’t believe I’m going to write a health editorial this week, but here it is.

There is a documentary available that we should all watch and take to heart. It’s called Forks Over Knives and it’s going to save millions of lives.

Most of my adult life I ridiculed folks who preached the merits of a vegetarian diet. I did so for two reasons; first, because the proponents of this diet were often strident, even overbearing. Then there are the criminal nut cases belonging to the PETA clan who belong in jail. The word Vegan still makes me a little uncomfortable.
There are dietary Vegans, environmental Vegans, and so-called ethical Vegans, who to my way of thinking are roughly sympathetic to the PETA people. But I’m talking about the thoughtful Vegans, the good guys and gals.

Longstanding dietary studies of the highest quality, by the most eminent experts, have proved to me beyond question that they are correct in believing that a diet of plants, grains, and fruit is, beyond question, healthiest for human consumption.

The studies are truly remarkable and should convince even the strongest, most irascible skeptic of the truth of this message.

What I find most remarkable is the simplicity, ease, and incontrovertible effectiveness of this change of diet. I won’t detail the documented benefits. They are so numerous you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. But, for your own sake, Google the documentary: Forks Over Knives. It’s about an hour long, but it will get your attention. You can’t argue with the facts, and these facts will change your live for the better.

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