CORRECTION: Last week the Gazette published photos of three young men who were detained following a fight at McDonald’s. Two of the three unnamed youths were Fillmore residents, one was from Oxnard. I stated that “they” were arrested. That was incorrect. Only the Oxnard youth was arrested as a suspect in the fight. The Fillmore youths were acting in self-defense. No one was seriously injured. My apologies to the two Fillmore boys, I understand they are outstanding citizens of our town.

* * *

Well, this has proven to be a technically interesting week.

I sit at my desk tapping-out this editorial with no expectation of being able to send it to our printer. We’ve been without internet service since early Monday. Thanks, AT&T.

We are apparently suffering from a widespread internet outage. AT&T tells us nothing.

Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.: FLASH: Immediately after the Edison Co. finished installing its new meter in the building we regained our internet connection. A welcome coincidence.

* * *

An hour or so ago, California Highway Patrol units and Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies finished a high speed motorcycle pursuit, which ended on Foothill Drive. The motorcyclist was clocked at 120 m.p.h. on Highway 126. They have his bike, but the driver fled and is being sought by a Sheriff’s K-9 unit. He’s described as wearing leathers. On a warm day like this he’s got more than one reason to sweat it. So, if you happen to see a panting, sweating guy with a furtive expression, wearing a motorcycle helmet and colorful leathers walking in the brush, give the police a call. They would like to talk to him.