This week the Gazette is honored to have four of Wanda’s grandchildren visit the office. So, welcome Katrionna (10) Ryan (9) Summer Grace (5) and Heather (4)! As once before, Katrionna, will act as my co-editor in the production of this (temporarily re-named) Realities editorial.

We have been mulling over what to write about this week. She is helping to compose these lines as we go, so you will no doubt see a marked improvement in the quality of this editorial.

* * * *

By Martin Farrell (the Great)
And, Katrionna Furness, co-editor - (The Greatest)

Katrionna, Summer, Ryan, and Heather came to visit the Gazette this week. We did lots of exciting things, like going to the fish hatchery, and traveling to the Equestrian Center to see the horses, especially “Trouble”. We also went to Delores Day Park for a basket lunch and had a great time.

Upon our return to the office we began this editorial which is proceeding with some awkwardness. The fish at the hatchery were, as usual, very hungry, but the fish food vending machines were empty. They were quickly refilled by a friendly Fish and Game man. We enjoyed watching the Snowy Egrets, ducks, and Night Herons. We also gathered acorns under the school district Oak tree that morning, toured the swimming pool and had a busy day. Katrionna showed me how to use the video on my I-Phone, so I wouldn’t keep taking pictures of myself by mistake. Thank you Katrionna. It was a humbling experience. And, thank you also for correcting two of my spelling errors and making one suggestion on usage (I had been somewhat redundant).

Katrionna would like to say hello to her teachers, Ms. Worden and Ms. Russel, and to all of her friends in Mammoth where she is in the fifth grade. I am trying to hire Katrionna as my Mammoth correspondent. She’s thinking it over. Maybe she will agree – if it can be fitted-into her busy schedule. Katrionna is an A student and a star swimmer on the Mammoth Sharks swimming team, as is her younger brother Ryan. I hope to be receiving press releases in the near future with a by-line reading Katrionna Furness, Fillmore Gazette’s Mammoth Correspondent. A budding new journalist may be about to make her debut.