A happy Easter and Passover to all of our Gazette readers.


Heartfelt condolences go out to the Perez family for the tragic death of their mother, Angela Perez. We can’t begin to understand the loss and sorrow for the children.
Rest in peace, Angela.


Thanks are due to our Fillmore Fire Department for pulling double duty once again. Faced with the layoff of so many city workers, the Department has proven to be an essential temporary replacement, this week handling emergency tree trimming when a heavy, broken limb threatened to take-out power lines on Saratoga Street. They have been rendering assistance for months, helping out where help is most needed.

Kudos to Chief Rigo Landeros and his highly skilled team of firemen. Always there when needed.


The Gazette will be sponsoring awards for teacher and student of the year. A perpetual plaque will be created for each award winner which will be placed in the school district hall. In this way we hope to recognize and encourage educational excellence.


I can’t ignore President Obama’s most recent political stunt, which reveals the same lack of respect for our Constitution as was expressed by Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg has stated that she prefers South Africa’s constitution to the U.S. Constitution. Obama stated that the Supreme Court should not strike down his health care law because the justices are not elected.

Obama, who taught constitutional law at Columbia Law School (as a Lecturer, not a “professor”) should know something about our three branches of government, and the landmark case of Marbury v. Madison and the concept of judicial review. This is an unbelievable statement for the President of the United States to make.

Pray that the entire Obama care abortion mandate is struck down. The government has no constitutional right to force American citizens to purchase any product it might create, including healthcare.


I worry about what might happen in November. What worries me most is the fact that 54 percent of the American electorate actually voted for this political menace. If this nation loses the freedom guaranteed by our Constitution it will be caused by the mass of uneducated, ignorant citizens who see the country as a giant vending machine for all their wants and dreams – all of those things they feel “entitled” to. This nation is finished if this man is re-elected.

For those interested in understanding what has happened, and is happening, to our country, I strongly recommend Mark Steyn’s most recent best-seller, “After America (Get ready for Armageddon).” As a matter of fact, I dare you to read it and vote for Obama.

This is not a paid statement, and is not authorized by anyone but myself.