I am looking forward to a visit from family members this morning. This curtails the time I have to comment on a number of important issues.

I understand that former Council Person Patti Walker is unhappy (again) with my opinions. I guess it’s tough to leave the limelight of city council for a more mundane life in the country. No more calls for advice, no more citizens seeking assistance.

Anyway, I’m working on replies to two recent letters from Patti. One thing at a time.

In one letter she attempts to correct my comments on the effect of the city’s recent court triumph in the Owens & Minor case. We won! Yet the Katzenjammers frown and mumble – while they eagerly await that $700,000 per year, all due to that “disgusting”, “immoral”, and “unethical” contract. Go figure. No time here to say much about that. But it’s a big victory for the city. Congratulations are due, again, to City Attorney Ted Schneider.
In the other letter, I get the impression that she’s angry. I recommend a slow walk in the groves.


They’re here! Got to go.