The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck again with a three-judge panel holding that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional. This court is the most radically activist in the US judicial system. It has had more of its opinions overturned by the Supreme Court than all other circuit courts of appeal together.

Newt Gingrich was right when he suggested that the Ninth Circuit Court be eliminated altogether, which congress has the power to do.

Once again liberal activists have contorted the Constitution to create a “right” out of thin air. It’s one thing for the government to sanction something like “civil unions”, quite another to completely redefine marriage, which is the heart of our culture, religious and civil. The homosexual element in our nation seeks recognition as a new normal, which it can never be without America losing its Judeo-Christian culture. Freedom is the essence of our culture, but freedom without limits amounts to cultural chaos and national disintegration.

This decision, which will probably be heard next by the entire Ninth Circuit, is further evidence of the deep corruption within our judicial system due to the existing contempt liberal judges have for our Constitution, and our Commander-in-Chief. If this decision is upheld by the entire court it must go to the Supreme Court. If the courts are allowed to redefine the central elements of our culture by rejecting the definition of marriage as being the union of one man and one woman exclusively, we can expect fireworks. Our judiciary was never intended to govern the people.

* * *

Through Obamacare the president intends to force millions of citizens to pay for and provide for, contraceptive devices, abortions, and other life-killing things. In particular, Obama demands that the Catholic Church and all of its institutions (hospitals, schools, etc.) include these things in its health care. Anything that defeats natural life, especially abortion and contraceptives, are specifically forbidden in Catholic doctrine. Anyone participating in an abortion is, by that act, automatically excommunicated and cannot receive the sacraments of the Church, until Reconciliation.

Non-Catholics may disagree with this dogma of the Church, and that’s just fine. But the real threat here is the government demand that the members of a church act contrary to their faith and conscience or face criminal sanctions. For reasons less than these we fought the bloodiest war of our nation’s history, the Civil War.
Every member of every church in the country should be outraged by this government invasion of our most fundamental constitutional rights. If this outrage goes unchallenged by non-Catholic Americans, this precedent means you will be next. It’s time for all God-fearing Americans to reject Obama’s unconstitutional plan in the strongest terms.

Even that famous hater, the Reverend Wright, should join us in this battle.

* * *

The Obama administration’s attack on the church in America seems to have no end. Now the Metro Baptist Church in Michigan may be forced to have private confessions revealed as evidence in a criminal trial. What is said in a religious confession is sacrosanct. The government has no business prying into church affairs.

* * *

Any reference to God seems to be under attack in our military as well. Crosses and other religious symbols (such as a reference to God being removed from the patch logo for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office) are being stripped away after being criticized by atheist groups. It’s time to take notice and stop this outrageous activity.