Just some random thoughts today.

Attorney General Eric Holder opposes the growing demand among states for voter identification. He claims that this will intimidate minority voters and bring back the bad old days of racial segregation.

This, of course, is an obvious and pathetic lie. Voter fraud is a serious and unchecked problem. The easiest and most practical way to fight against fraud is to have voters produce a driver license or other photo ID to show election officials that the voter is a resident citizen eligible to vote. This is far better than asking voters to dip their fingers into purple dye as they were required to do after Iraq’s first democratic vote.

Holder is a shameless liar seeking to facilitate fraudulent votes for his boss. No rational person can believe that simply identifying yourself before voting could in any way discriminate against potential voters. How else can we be assured that our elected officials are the legitimate choice of the people?

Holder is a disgrace to his office. Let’s not lose our votes with the same Fast and Furious recklessness that Holder’s border firearms were lost. Let’s not have the New Black Panthers supervise our voting like Holder did last time around.

If you want to vote, why should you be put off when asked to provide an ID, like you would be to purchase a six-pack of beer or use your credit card at a department store?


I wish Republican contenders for the presidency would stop tearing each other apart. It’s both demeaning to the process and a waste of time. Their records should speak for themselves, and there is no shortage of talking heads and political fact-finders to uncover the character defects.

I’ve lost some respect for Romney for his heavy attacks on Gingrich (the worst case); others seem more petty.

Though she’s decided to withdraw from the race, I greatly admire Bachman for her core values, intelligence, and strength of character. This just wasn’t her time. Except for his unrealistic ideas on border protection, I also admire Perry, but he doesn’t seem to have a chance. Paul finished third in Iowa, thank God. Some of his economic ideas I do agree with, but he holds a multitude of weird and dangerous views that make it impossible for him to win the nomination. If he, or any other candidate, chooses to go in a third party effort, that would guarantee the reelection of Obama.

After listening to Santorum’s post caucus speech, I think he comes closest to my idea of a good, electable, conservative candidate.

Any of the remaining Republican candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, could beat Obama in November, and I would enthusiastically support that person.

If Obama wins this time around it’s game end.