If I had space for 2000 words instead of the 250 allotted to me this week I might do justice to the many things worth commenting on. But 250 will have to do. And, I’ve just wasted 46 words telling you this.
Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews have been canned by MSNBC as political anchors. I leaped for joy when I heard the news. These are the only two propagandists I could never stand. I could never bear to watch the impudent Olbermann, with his infantile ego, for more than a few minutes. It was like watching a really naughty second-grader pulling the pigtails of the girl sitting at the desk in front of him. The spectacle made me recoil. I’m amazed that corporate didn’t see his program for the huge failure it was, instead of facilitating his tantrums for so long. With Matthews – he’s just a jerk, with (once again) a lugubriously and unjustifiably obese ego. They were both program-killers turned loose for too long.
MSNBC needs to put both of these pariahs on a new program – how about something like “Bedtime for Bozos”? It has a nice ring to it.
Hurray for Sarah Palin! It’s a new day for political, fiscal, ethical, and religious conservatives. She loves hunting, guns, and fishing, like all true Americans! She hates big government! She loves children (at every stage of life and condition)! She is smart! She is courageous! Most of all, her lifestyle and philosophy are pleasing to God, as He is revealed to Christians. And, Olbermann is no longer there to disparage her achievements.