Congratulations are due to the four agencies that cooperated in the rescue of a horse stranded on a ledge up Sespe Creek at the Van Trees’ house. The horse, a white Arabian (?) had escaped its corral and slipped about 20 feet over a steep embankment. Landing on a 3-foot-wide terrace about 25 feet above the creek bed, her escape blocked by a fallen tree. One false step to her left would have meant certain fatal injury.

The rescue crews (identified on page one) skillfully winched the fallen tree away from the horse’s path and calmed the animal before carefully leading her up to the front porch of the house.

I counted more than 20 individuals involved, one way or another, in the rescue. The calm, order and expertise demonstrated by all participants in the event was impressive. I regret not having the names of the rescue leaders deserving of special thanks.

All’s well that ends well, and the horse’s stable mate, a white donkey, sounded its approval loud and clear when its friend was led back to her enclosure.


America was attacked by the Empire of Japan on this day 70 years ago. I have to wonder how many Americans reflect on that “Day of Infamy” which, added to the Great War “to end all wars”, involving 30 countries and 5 continents, changed the world forever. Not many, I fear.

Historical forgetfulness rates high among the growing list of American character defects. What radical changes have been inflicted upon our country since those days, especially regarding traditional moral standards!
We are right to be tired of the long succession of lesser wars during the past decade. We are wrong to cut our military budget to the bone, as Obama and his radical friends are doing. Regardless of our wartime weariness, the job will not be done for decades more. The world has never been more politically unstable, with ethno-nationalism generating another world war scenario. At the center of the threat is Islamo-fascism. Leaning enthusiastically against the trigger is Iran.

We need another Cato to remind congress that the Iranian nuclear complex must be destroyed. Iran is to America today as Hitler was to Europe in the 1930s. We waited too long then; the Holocaust should have taught us about the inevitable catastrophic consequences of procrastination in the obvious face of a clear and present danger. Has (repeated) history taught us nothing?

We wait and watch as the enemy strengthens itself and readies for war. The unity, honor, and moral foundation of our armed forces has been infiltrated and corrupted by anti-Christian authority at the highest levels. First, openly gay conduct is accepted and encouraged (gays actively recruited); Christian symbols excluded from military churches; most recently, the UCMJ threatened to eliminate the prohibition of sodomy and (believe it or not) beastiality. Does anyone care about unit cohesiveness any longer? What Christian would want to risk his life with a crowd like this?

The moral jeopardy in which our highest military leaders have placed our fighting Christian men and women is beyond reprehensible – it is a disgusting, eternal death wish. For God’s sake, where is the traditional Christian response? All we hear is the sound of silence. It’s time to weed-out our military leadership.


We have received two anonymous letters concerning school district issues. One complains that the Gazette has not covered the alleged employee insurance fraud issue. In fact, the Gazette included the story in an article which may be accessed online at Other complaints have been forwarded to FUSD Superintendent Nishino.