Well, my efforts to compile a chronological list (for Brian Sipes) of city staff and employees targeted for personal reasons by the Katzenjammers continue. It will begin with former City Manager Roy Payne, whose 20-year service to the city resulted in our phoenix-like recovery from the Northridge earthquake devastation. He was first among the four primary Katzenjammer targets.

Refusing to compromise on the north Fillmore development, the “Jammers” caused much time and money to be wasted; that area has gone back to seed (with businesses and jobs destroyed) and legal mandates remain unfinished. Then there was the water treatment plant opposition (remember the colorful “Sewercide” movement?).There was also the constant drumbeat for open government (where are our minutes today; how many Brown Act violations have we paid for?) and accusations of wrongdoing by the former city council (none was ever uncovered). Bitter complaints and vicious attacks concerning the Owens & Minor tax contract, falsely characterized as unlawful, possibly criminal, and especially unethical and “IMMORAL”! Brooks, Sipes, Washburn, and Walker slandered former city managers and councils for personal and political purposes. They were said to be underhanded, and IMMORAL, in executing this contract which will bring into city coffers approximately $1million, every year, for the next 20 years! Now, of course, they are on their knees, begging for that money. So, it was always about the money (they squandered) and never about ethics or morality. It was all about getting elected by Sewerciding their political opponents.


Concerning (appointed) Mayor Washburn’s letter to the editor, please notice two things: First, there is no substance, just generalities, as usual. Second, she remains incapable of distinguishing between news and opinion. Ignorance can be remedied; stupidity is invincible.