After a couple hours listening to city council jabber about the pitiable state of our finances, witnessing a stream of congratulatory presentations to escaping Planning Commissioners, being depressed by the truthfulness of former Council Member Cecilia Quevas’s no confidence statement from the dais (characterizing our council as a county “laughingstock”), I was ready to document my depression on multiple pages today. But I don’t have the time.

Comfort was to be found only in a large chocolate chip cookie and cup of coffee in the forier. This was part of a nice spread prepared to honor the planning commissioners who had resigned in protest over the disrespectful treatment they had received at the hands of those council members who had prepared the treats. It must have been embarrassing for council members Brooks, Sipes, and Washburn, who precipitated their resignations, to host the affair. And, Mayor Washburn who instigated the resignations with witless recommendations (due in part to cell tower emissions) had to make the individual presentations. It was all very awkward.

Diminishing the enjoyment of my cookie were complaints about excessive photo activity during council sessions. The council majority still has no idea why multiple photos of the same subject are often required. First Amendment considerations aside, subjects are frequently photographed with unflattering expressions; lighting and lens changes can also necessitate multiple shots.

I’ve explained this many times during the past 22 years and 500-plus meetings. It’s time to demonstrate the validity of these explanations. So, very soon, I will publish some of the more unflattering photos taken of council members during the past year or so. These are among the photos discarded in an effort to avoid personal embarrassment and social distress. These photos are monuments to benignity and compassion. But no! They have gone unrequited!

Therefore, council members, brace yourselves for an in-your-face reality lesson. It is my hope that thereafter you will understand why I take so many photos. But – please hold your apologies until after the event.

Moving right along, Councilman Sipes got his shorts in a bunch when it was reported that he had personal motives for attempting to oust our present legal counsel. He claims it is untrue. He states he had no personal motives. If so, this contradicts several years of personal targeting of city staff and employees as a part of the Katzenjammer cabal. I’m tired of the denials. It’s time to enumerate the multitude of targeted employees and staff members. I have begun the chronological list and hope to include it with the upcoming mug shots. Sipes, being utterly incompetent in legal matters, would like to see such a change “every five years or so.” He has personal disagreements with city counsel decisions – like the newspaper of record issue?

Lastly, City Clerk Clay Westling has failed to produce the minutes for several months. He has no explanation for this. It is a flagrant violation of Katzenjammer election promises. It may take a lawsuit to have these important records produced.

Talk about feet of Clay!