Warm congratulations for Candi Tovar on her retirement. She organized a great reunion of old friends and VONS co-workers in City Park two weeks ago. What a great lady! Her work with foster kids and abused kids is truly commendable. I hope VONS recognizes what a great person they have lost. The best of luck to you, Candi, in your continuing work with children.
The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the school district should permit members of the public to use the new all-weather track. Liability risk is no greater now than it has been over the years. Responsible persons should be permitted on the track (by admittance cards). Having the track in use during later hours will only enhance security.
Most of all, the people of Fillmore have contributed greatly to the field complex. They purchased the state-of-the-art scoreboard. They also (by great personal, volunteer effort) replaced the bleachers. For years the old dirt track was repaired with volunteer assistance.
In other words, although the school district does in fact own the sports complex, it is, and has always been, a public facility in fact. That should be recognized and respected.
No harm will come to the new track by responsible adults who wish to continue to use it. And, again, any threat from vandals will be reduced by the presence of those responsible adults who will guard the facility jealously.
I can understand the school district’s thinking. It’s similar to the mindset of someone who has just purchased an expensive new car and doesn’t want anyone parking too near its space in a public lot. But, that new owner doesn’t go so far as to keep that new car in the protective custody of a locked garage forever. He wants to take it out for a drive.
It’s new. It’s beautiful. It’s expensive. It needs to be used by the owners – the taxpayers.
Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin’s name, when announced as Senator McCain’s Vice Presidential choice, came as unwelcome news to me, at first. However, the more I listen to her, and learn of her background, the more I like that choice. Like me, she’s an NRA life member, a true conservative, Pro-Life, and she’s energy knowledgeable.
That she chose to keep and love her new Down syndrome child is heartwarming and refreshing. What she doesn’t know about foreign policy she will learn. She’s a quick study. McCain was surely not my choice for President. But, with Sarah, I will support him. Besides, the thought of Obama appointing two or three Supreme Court Justices just scares Hell out of me.
Leave it to The Great Land to give us a great vice-president.