Well, another of Fillmore’s long-time, competent Planning Commissioners has resigned. Tom Fennell has joined three others who resigned within the past month or so. They could stand council puerility no longer; I’m speaking of the council majority of four.

The city council majority of Brooks, Washburn, Walker and Sipes strikes again! It seems no rational, sensible, and otherwise normal person can stand to work with these people.

Since these four clueless clowns squeaked into office these past several years, their plan to deplete city hall of every single experienced staff member, as well as the city clerk, finance director, and city manager, city engineer, etc., has succeeded. With a couple of exceptions, they’re all now gone and city business is left in a state of weightlessness. Everything is being “outsourced” (maybe to India?) including common sense. Gone are all those competent caretakers of our city’s welfare. Gone are scores of good employees (and institutional memory) with whom the present council majority had personal issues.

The scene, and future, is grim.

For anyone wishing to glimpse Fillmore’s probable future under the clownistocracy now in charge of city business, visit this link: