“All the world's a stage”, says the Bard. Last night’s council meeting resembled a circus stage, with City Clerk Clay Westling unable to explain why months have gone by without producing the minutes, Mayor Washburn struggling to finally tell the truth about asking for an appeal of Planning Commission’s non-decision of the Verizon cellular tower, and Councilguys Brooks and Sipes weeping over their failed attempt to fire our city counsel (for avowed personal reasons). In theatrical terms this was a melodrama. Don’t miss the re-run on Channel 10, 6:30.
There was something there for everyone! Oh, I almost forgot a cameo part played by Bob Stroh where he attempts to blame the Gazette for stories he attributes to the now defunct Fillmore Herald. You can view Bob’s last videotaped public performance here: where he creeps across the floor towards my chair, camera to his face, to sneak a picture of me. We are considering adding some spooky music and posting it on YouTube. Bob’s a real crack-up.