The City of Fillmore has lost another talented employee. Patrick Maynard worked full time for the city, in several capacities, for six years. His title of Disaster Coordinator obscures the multi-faceted responsibilities he had for critically important city functions. He was one of those multi-tasking people upon whose expertise much of the efficiency of city government rests. Under the city’s new austerity program, involving the layoff of 12 employees, his position was eliminated. Offered a new position as a city technician, with significantly less pay, negotiations over a period of days went nowhere and prompted him to move on. He will, however, maintain a position as tech consultant on an as-needed basis.

Patrick was appointed captain on the fire department two years ago. His duties with the city included creating, operating and maintaining the city’s essential communications network. He was the city’s Public Information Officer responsible for all press releases, all graphic design, and maintaining all city websites. He was also responsible for film permitting, which brought in more than $60,000 last year.

An EMT, Patrick did extensive triage training for the fire department and gave five classes for the El Dorado Mobile Home Park (Block Capt. Group). He significantly up-graded the city’s Channel 10 TV station, set up permanent camera equipment for council meetings, and around the city, created the communications network for the fire department and maintained all hardware for those systems. He set up the city’s emergency policies and training programs. In other words, Patrick Maynard was an indispensable civil servant whose lost services will greatly diminish city safety and efficiency. He was also an incredibly reliable volunteer who always anticipated the need.

A life-long Fillmore resident, Patrick told me that he enjoyed his work with the city, learned a lot, and hated to see it go.

We hate to see you go, as well, Patrick. I wish you luck, but I know you don’t need it. Thanks for your years of service.


Fillmore lost another great long-term employee with the resignation of Angela Mumme, the city’s Human Resources Officer. Angela served in many different positions, including Deputy City Clerk and as Risk Manager. She was offered the position of Deputy Clerk again, but could not, as she had explained for more than a year, attend late council meetings. I didn’t have the opportunity to interview Angela, but her reputation for diligence and excellence over 12 years speaks for itself.

We will all miss you, Angela.


And so it goes with our city hall, rapidly - downhill.

Think RECALL – while we still have a city hall.