Our fearless city council majority continues its gravity-defying efforts to run city’s business. Having run-off most of our long-time staff and employees, eliminated most of our institutional memory and talent, alienated all city employees, and squandered our financial recourses, they have now prompted three Planning Commissioners to resign.

At the whim of Councilman Jamey Brooks, Planning Commissioner Diane McCall was not reappointed to the Commission a few months ago. This move had to be motivated by personal reasons because Ms. McCall was a much valued commissioner, and Brooks and his bench buddy Brian Sipes simply informed the Commission, through the mayor, that “It is time for a change.” No other excuse for not reappointing this experienced, hard-working volunteer, who worked so well with the other commissioners, was given. No members of other commissions were touched, and no Planning Commissioners were consulted about any change. Were some sensitive council feelings hurt here? Inquiring minds seek an answer.

This meeting also witnessed the resignation of Planning Commissioners Vance Johnson and Douglas Tucker. Johnson read his and Tucker’s letters of resignation to the council (see Gazette video). This followed the resignation of the CP’s Chair, Mark Austin, at the last scheduled PC meeting. These resignations resulted from anger, disgust, and deep frustration with the city council majority’s freewheeling incompetence. Arguably the best planning commission in Fillmore’s history has been broken-up by council stupidity. I don’t say this to be mean, just to be factual. Our city council, with the exception of Steve Conaway, doesn’t know what it’s doing, and Fillmore is paying the price.

We’ve all heard of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. This is the case of the council that couldn’t think straight.

Only two scenarios will save this town from more long-term damage: a recall election, or the election of three new council members having integrity, intelligence, experience, and a little humility.

Heck, at this point I’ll settle for the humility.


My search for positive news is, once again, proving fruitless.

I’ve lost confidence in the majority of American people to make the right decisions, whether economic, military, institutional, social, or (fundamental to it all) moral.

We are apparently about to sell the world’s best, most sophisticated tank, the M1A1 Abrams, to Egypt. Egypt will soon be completely under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and will turn against the US when the money runs out. So far only Rep. Allen West is “strongly opposed” to this crazy idea, which will certainly “seriously jeopardize the safety and security of the state of Israel.” Should anyone have to explain why this is a bad idea? The answer to that question is yes, and that’s the real problem. Obama is doing his best to destroy, by bits and pieces, our only friend in the Middle East, Israel. This is the leadership that 54 percent of American voters have given us – an ignorant, ideological community organizer. We deserve what we’re getting.


California has become the first state to mandate gay history lessons in public schools. “In public school classrooms across the state students will soon be taught a subject that hasn't been part of the curriculum before: gay history, the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

Every American citizen has a legal right, to be free from persecution for their socio-religious beliefs. We’ve even passed so-called hate laws to add additional protection in these cases (especially sex-related cases). By the same token the rest (98 percent in this issue) have a right to be free from forced government indoctrination of our children in the area of sexual preference. I would not want my children, especially young children, to learn anything about these issues; and they would not normally have any interest in them. Teaching this is tantamount to child sexual molestation.

Regardless of what California’s radically liberal lawmakers may believe, homosexuality, in particular, is and has always been anathema to traditional Judeo-Christian teaching. All of this recent official acceptance and promotion (since 1973) of aberrant sexual practices is alien to mostly all of our cultural tradition during the past 2,000-plus years.

By all means let the gay and lesbian population do as they wish in peace, without harassment. Equal justice under law also mandates that the traditional Judeo-Christian morals should be actively protected against assault. This new law is a frontal assault against traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. It should be fought head-on as such. I am amazed that so few have spoken out against this attack to date.

It’s past time for a major promotion of home schooling. It’s time to reject public education in California. After this outrage I can no longer support it.