Apparently all union employees working for the City of Fillmore called in sick today (Wednesday). No doubt this is to call attention to the fact that the city council majority has stubbornly refused to take any action at all to redress the serious, publically enumerated complaints about City Manager Yvonne Quiring’s failed management style. Two letters of no confidence have been read into record on two separate occasions by distinguished former Mayor Scott Lee. Councilman Brooks piped-in (last council meeting) “You reap what you sow.” Intelligent citizens ask “What are you talking about?” And the band plays on.

The virtual collapse of city revenues and budget, the disappearance of the city’s once vaunted 40 percent revenue surplus, widespread employee furloughs and layoffs, and hostility caused by council incompetence, has brought the city to a new low.

The grossly unprofessional, unlawful, and disrespectful treatment by the city council majority of the Fillmore Planning Commission caused Commissioner Mark Austin to resign following the last public meeting. Several more Commissioners are expected to follow suit. Mayor Gayle Washburn, Council members Jamey Brooks, Patti Walker, and Brian Sipes precipitated this expected mass resignation by acting to reject a decision of the Commission prior to any formal discussion or decision on the issue of a cellular tower along the railroad tracks. The council has treated, perhaps our most professional and competent Commission, with complete disrespect and disdain.

You picked a fine time to leave us Patti. It appears that Councilmember Patti Walker is packing-up, selling her house (see photo) and heading out of California. That’s like leaving the scene of a serious accident.

The big question now: What bozo will the reigning Katzenjammer regime appoint to fill the seat? Or, maybe we can find someone with common sense and an armadillo-like hide to enter the special election in November?

The rumors are truly frightening.

Think Recall!