One of the numerous facts which quickens my concern for the survival of our republic is simply the intellectual vacuum which abides within federal, state, and local authority. For various reasons, including a toxic blend of arrogance and ignorance, greed, an insatiable lust for power, and an absence of anything remotely resembling traditional Judeo-Christian character, these kings of the communal dunghill are killing our country.

Take last night’s council meeting for a colorful example. People of Fillmore, look at who you have voted to lead city government! They (excepting only Councilmembers Conaway and Walker) now preside over a broken system, which they themselves have broken.

By this time any rational, honest observer must recognize that the Katzenjammer disease has metastasized, killing-off virtually every talented, experienced long-term employee in sight. Remember all of those temporary, interim folks brought in to patch-up the pieces? First went our city manager, replaced with someone so managerially incapable that (after a single (and first) year at her previous job, had her contract bought out for more than $300,000. But, our own interim, provisional, rent-a-manager, and Patti Walker snookered Councilman Conaway out of the scheduled trip to interview her previous employers. This resulted in the hiring of our present manager, who apparently finds managing an insurmountable challenge.

We would do well to recall the managing talents of former City Manager Roy Payne, or Tom Ristau, who were always ready to answer questions and guide meetings.

Last night, with Conaway absent, Councilfolks Brooks, Sipes, and appointed Mayor Washburn (all members of the Katzenjammer coalition) under the sometimes drowsy prompting of our new city manager, managed to insult our Planning Commission members and reject the legal advice of our City Attorney, thus exposing the city to fresh litigation by formally requesting an appeal of a Planning Commission decision to approve a cellular tower on the property of Super Seal and Stripe, adjacent to the railroad tracks.

The City of Fillmore is undergoing a management disaster at this time. Our council majority is utterly incompetent, and should be voted out. Our city manager has managed to alienate ALL employees, as shown by two (2) letters of no confidence this past year. Our budget, roiled by alien hands, has only recently come together, with disasterous results. The thousands of dollars spent to redesign the budget were wasted.

Now we have Brooks, Sipes, and Washburn, insulting our Planning Commissioners by deciding to veto (in anticipation) a decision which the commission had not yet approved.

Commissioner Mark Austin was absolutely correct in observing (shortly before resigning from the Commission) “...I hope the City of Fillmore in this next election wakes up and sees what’s going on with city instead of sitting in the back and bitching about what’s going on in this community. They [should] step forward and remove some of these council members who are causing some of this. There’s a chance in November to do it, so wake up Fillmore!”

Most of the Katzenjammers were voted in by the skin of their teeth. I would ask those who voted for them, what have they done to keep all of those promises? Have they made things better, or worse?

How do we explain the hostile stupidity of Councilguy Jamey Brooks, when, pondering the many city employees losing their jobs, he stated “I feel bad for the reap what you sow...I think the town was mismanaged in the past...this started years ago.” This is the pipsqueak that roared. “Mismanaged in the past”! What the hell are you talking about? – Until you and your idiot friends arrived (led by failed former mayor Gary Creagle) Fillmore was a THRIVING, PROSPEROUS city, with a 40 percent SURPLUS! Thriving, until we caught the Katzenjammer disease.



As we look at larger and larger scales of government things only grow worse.

The State of California has spent itself into near oblivion, and wants even more of our money in taxes for more spending. If I had fewer commitments in this state I would have left long ago – and my children are fifth generation Californians.


Now, for the greatest governmental disaster of all, our federal government.

Incompetence at every level, driven by huge surges of socialistic, anti-Judeo-Christian tradition, resulting in anti-family, pro-abortion, acidic facilitation of same-sex “marriage”, confiscatory taxation, weakened defense, and a determined failure to defend our borders or provide practical “civil defense.” An openly gay military was facilitated by long-standing and deeply seditious leadership at the highest level, taking advantage of the fact that insubordination is not tolerated. Military whistleblowers are rare, and rarely survive. This outrage was promoted and approved only at the highest levels, against the objections of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and thousands of hotly expressed objections from active and retired flag officers and enlisted men of every service. This was a treacherous betrayal of unprecedented proportions which will never be accepted by the rank and file without massive disruption of unit cohesion.

Why do we continue to belong to that “parliament of weasels” called the United Nations, or that ridiculous paper tiger called NATO?

With the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, and floods and fires in America, is it too much to expect that the federal government would have secured our nuclear facilities against fires and floods such as are happening at Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, and Los Alamos? Is it really that difficult to clear a fire space around a threatened nuclear plant, or build a concrete barrier against flooding at another?

Have we become too stupid and naive as a nationality to survive in this world of unprecedented and lethal instability? The voters of the City of Fillmore, the State of California, and the nation of the United States of America will reveal the answer in November.