It may be another sign of aging, but I am dealing with a persistent and growing reluctance to engage city hall for what seems like unending and fruitless confrontation with our Katzenjammers.

But dealing with city hall doesn’t explain the depth of my lethargy. State, national, and world affairs team-up to pull me close to a state of quasi depression. I find myself in search of some good news, a little relief from screaming reality. Show me some good news, I dare you.

Am I being unreasonably negative? Let’s see.

The City of Fillmore is broke; its famous 40 percent surplus long gone. The Katzenjammers have succeeded in chasing-off most of the best and brightest employees. We have hired a manager whose one-year experience with her previous employer was so catastrophic that they paid more than $300,000 to buy-out her contract. Her performance here has been so bad that after her first year all city employees delivered two angry letters of no confidence. We have the worst city council in city history, yet the band plays on.

Our state is bankrupt. Of the recent revenue increase of $6 billion half is expected to be spent instead of paying-off part of the $12 billion debt. Taxes are strangling small business while the tax noose is expected to tighten. Our schools are mostly failures, turning out (of those who don’t drop out) ignorant, self-indulgent entitlement sponges. A huge percentage of Californians are out of work, approaching the level of the Great Depression, if accurately measured.

Our nation has been turned over to the most inexperienced, dangerous, socialistic spendthrift ideologue in presidential history. He has seeded government with the thickest cloud of equally dangerous, Constitution-hating, big government radicals in memory. Our military has been methodically degraded, humiliated, and demoralized by our Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by mandating acceptance of openly homosexual service members, and their offensive, immoral behavior. Our president welcomes this insult despite the absolute moral and practical objections of 3,000 years of Judeo-Christian tradition, and the consistent prohibition of America’s entire history. If homosexuals compose about two percent of America’s population, it stands to reason they must never have exceeded one percent of our military population, if that. And that one percent has always been clandestine. Despite this, 99 percent of the normal rank and file are to be demoralized by the unimpeachable conduct and presence of one percent – without having had a legitimate vote in the matter. Who has done this, and why? Military cohesion, say our fifth column homophiles, sucks. God protect the moral integrity of our fighting men and military women; their lives depend upon it.

Our nation is fighting two wars, and contributing to others (Libya) while it is becoming clear that Muslim nations want no part of democracy (see Egypt, etc.) or Western ways. Some do, indeed. Most do not. What they want most of all is our money, until we have been bled and spent our way out – then China and Sharia will reap the benefits (Afghanistan is said to have trillions in mineral deposits). And, schizophrenic, back-stabbing Muslim “friends” like Pakistan will launch more Jihad during our absence. The only Arab “Spring” to be found will be found in a detonating mechanism beside the road.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but hope, as they say, is neither a strategy nor a goal.

God bless our troops, and keep them strong, physically and morally. The Lord rebuke and defeat those intent on defiling the cohesion they must depend upon for victory.

We are a nation which has lost its way. I guess that’s what I find most depressing.