First, an announcement.
Two weeks ago the Gazette reported that the swimming pool had to be drained in order to repair a serious leak. The technicians charged with taking care of the pool reported that about 10,000 gallons a day had been leaking from the new pool for up to one year. We were later told that this figure was greatly exaggerated. We have yet to learn how much water was actually lost during that time, but we did learn that the leak was caused by a piece of rebar which had accidentally been driven through a pipe under the pool during construction.

* * *

I’m truly disgusted with the budget performance of our school board and administration.

Some solutions have been proffered by Superintendent Sweeney, and Finance Director Bush, all involving job cuts. Why not have our top-heavy, pay-heavy, administration share the pain by cutting-back on those juicy salaries? Why should teachers, principals, and classified employees bear the entire brunt of severe budget cuts?

Teacher’s aids, librarians, and many other once-essential school employees are now a distant memory. Making up the difference now are many hard-working, multi-tasking (and unappreciated) individuals. Kimberly Rivers has incorporated an idea for balancing the budget without eliminating more essential jobs into her “School Matters” blog located here