In the preliminary budget, city salary raises were approved by Mayor Conaway and Councilman Lee, with Patti Walker voting no, Councilwoman Hernandez absent – and Councilwoman Cuevas leaving the meeting before the vote. In a matter of such importance, I would think Cuevas should have had the agenda item moved-up before her departure to enable her vote. Was this an attempt to avoid going on record?

Goodbye Georgia - Hello cold war II
“NATO’s foreign ministers reiterate their support for Georgia” says one newspaper. Isn’t that special!
Others report that NATO discusses the “situation” in Georgia. How thoughtful.
“The North Atlantic Council (NAC) met in a special foreign ministerial session on 19 August 2008 to discuss the situation in Georgia and its implications for Euro-Atlantic stability and security.”
The UN, of course, flaunts its normal state of corrupted impotence by failing to do anything to help save Georgia. How different is today’s UN from the old League of Nations? Answer: It’s much worse, actually. Today’s UN entices predator nations like neo-Communist Russia to strike small, defenseless nations like Georgia because it knows very well nothing will be done to restrain its aggression. It all reminds me of Haile Selassie begging for help after Ethiopia was overrun by Fascist Italy in 1935.
So, “Russia was dismissive of the stepped-up Western pressure. Its envoys called the emergency Security Council “a waste of time” and NATO’s statement irrelevant. “The mountain gave birth to a mouse,” said Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s envoy to NATO.”
America hears little about the Russian outrage in Georgia because we don’t take it seriously enough. Also, we have no will to send assistance to Georgia, not even to her capital city. We do nothing but send “Condi” over to scold Russia, and sign papers proposing a future anti-missile site in Poland, the missiles which are still on the drawing board. In the meantime, Russia continues to grind across all of Georgia, destroying key bridges, sinking its small navy, kidnapping Georgian soldiers, and facilitating Chechen criminals, imported by Russia, to destroy all villages in their path of occupation.
More than 150,000 innocent Georgians have been driven from their homes and businesses. American equipment is taken by the Russian military, airfields and ports are methodically destroyed by the invaders, while Russian generals laugh at NATO’s impotence, and NATO sits on its hands.
NATO refuses to come out and fight. America fumbles and makes embarrassing, idle threats of financial retribution, while Russia rumbles through the sovereign would-be NATO member nation of Georgia.
Russia has fired its first shot straight through the bow of NATO’s flag ship. Like the USS Cole in 2000, the survival of the Baltic States and Ukraine, Georgia, even Poland will be determined upon whether NATO, and especially America, will defend these newly free nations by moving military forces up against the Russian aggressors, daring it to cross the line. To date, old, free Europe as well as America seems to lack the will to act.
America should send a credible number of its missile ships into Ukraine, right into the Crimean peninsula. We should also send a serious military contingent into Tbilisi, with Predator units to back it up. That’s the only way to stop Russia, for the time being.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WWIII, with a cast of millions of psychopathic Juhadists, North Koreans, Chinese, Iranians, Syrians, and the ever popular neo-Communist Russia. And we chose this time in history to abandon God?