Glen Beck has become the most important news commentator in the country during this past year. Bill O’Reilly remains number one in his news business, but only because he usually softens his comments by giving any benefit of the doubt to liberals, even when little doubt exists. Beck, on the other hand, doesn’t mince his words. His message is pure and direct. He also has the courage (unique in the business) to speak the truth regardless of the hammering he takes in the rest of the media. I admire him for that – though I can’t stand his radio program. Half of his radio time is spent on ads, and most of the rest frequently spent on childish, repetitious goofing-off with (it sounds like) a half-dozen clowns who laugh sarcastically at everything, continuously. It sounds like a frat party. In the morning, when I’m getting ready to go to work, I don’t have time for all this verbal grab-ass. No wonder he was recently dropped from New York’s biggest station. His radio presentation is utterly irritating. However, he’s still the only one telling it like it is on TV.

Beck’s website “The Blaze” is a valuable news source. It always has something important that no other media site has posted. The remaining media is almost all bought and paid for liberal (and anti-FOX News) bias.

* * *

Thanks in large part to Beck’s TV show and website, the hugely uninformed American public is finally learning about the murderous Islamic threat in our midst. His show is projecting America’s future by revealing government corruption and its weakening effect on our national defense. At the center of America’s vulnerability is a profoundly ignorant and inexperienced presidency which is accompanied by a swarm of political hacks, crooks, and amateurs. Few people understand, or want to understand, our most dangerous enemy today – Islam, as it is understood and practiced by most of 1.3 billion believers. It is a faith of hate; hate of the Jew, hate of the Christian, and hate of all “unbelievers”. Another recent manifestation of this bloody hatred which characterizes most of Islam is the murder (Wednesday) of the only Christian member of Pakistan’s federal Cabinet, Shahbaz Bhatti, a 42-year-old Roman Catholic. See

America, indeed all of western civilization, has no true Islamic friends; we have only friends of temporary commercial convenience. Turkey is no longer a friend, if it ever was, and Saudi Arabia, while a commercial partner for decades, has persistently sought to undermine Christian America by providing billions to create a surreptitious Islamic infrastructure in our midst.

Rest in peace, Saint Shahbaz Bhatti. Your sacrifice was not in vain. “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” (Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus: “Tertullian”; 160-220 a.d.).