The entire world seems to be disintegrating these days. It’s no wonder a majority of Christian churches believe the end times, or at least the tribulation is upon us. How is the terrestrial cookie crumbling? Let me count some ways.

In the City of Fillmore our new city manager pilgrim is making progress, in the wrong direction. Tuesday’s council agenda was slim, and expected to remain so because our city manager (who orders business) doesn’t do much. Among her few guiding suggestions, however, is hiring an assistant. With such low expectations it will not surprise me to see many more short agendas at many more short council meetings. But wait - Brian Sipes attended a county animal control agency meeting a few weeks ago, and informed us that a new cat house was being built, with a big screen TV – because “cats like big screen TV.”


Elsewhere, the cat is out of the bag.

Thanks to Obama’s blundering inexperience and Muslim bias, Egypt is lost to the west. Obama’s inexperienced, ignorant, arrogant, and inept political appointees in the state department, intelligence services, defense department, and homeland security, continue to believe the Muslim Brotherhood is a small, mostly innocuous secular political organization. They are learning, too late, that it is, instead, the foundation of the present Middle Eastern insurrection and the center of bloody hatred of Israel and America, and the entirety of Western civilization. Within weeks expect the entire Muslim Middle East to be in chaos, which in turn will spread chaos around the world, political, religious, economic, and military. Muslim countries around the world are lying in wait for the Christian West. Iran can’t wait to unleash the dogs of war (to bring on the “twelfth Imam”). As during the Crusades, weakness and indecisiveness in the western world is precipitating this disaster. We need another Lepanto.

I feel sorry for the many excellent men and women working in our military and security services. They do a fine if thankless job; it is the upper echelon of duplicitous incompetents in civil and military government that has dissipated our strength, integrity, and effectiveness.