The entire staff at the Fillmore Gazette wishes to extend its sympathies and condolences to Conway Spitler upon learning of the death of his beloved spouse, Tillie.

Tillie’s warmth and generosity was a frequent gift to the staff in past years. She will be fondly remembered. Married for 65 years; what a wonderful example.

Rest in peace, Tillie.


Any thinking American today must be concerned, to the point of being alarmed, by the state of our nation. The older I get the more my sense of alarm manifests itself as profound disgust. Frankly, when I continue to witness the precipitous decline of my country, brought on by its stubborn desire to renounce our once cherished Judeo-Christian heritage, I sense more than imminent danger, I see disaster.

I cannot help comparing the state of this nation today to what it was in my youth. It is fair to say that virtually everything has changed. Certainly that common fundamental American concern for ethical behavior and the primacy of Judeo-Christian standards in our daily lives is hugely diminished. It’s difficult to see what the “Christian” community believes today, even harder to understand what we believe in common.

Few remember that as late as the 1930s virtually all Christian churches condemned contraception. Certainly, up to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, virtually all Christian and non-Christian Americans recognized the evil of aborting a child waiting to be born. Even more certainly no one would tolerate aborting a child in the last trimester. But today, the American president urges that even children born healthy following an unsuccessful abortion should be killed outright or by deliberate neglect.

America has embraced a fatal culture of death which has infected every branch of its society. Nowhere is this more clearly evident than in the revolting statistic showing that we have aborted more than 50 million preborn infants since 1973. Despite false statistics published by murder factories such as Planned Parenthood, 90 percent of these abortions were undertaken for reasons of social convenience.

As we Americans age, senior citizens should be concerned with those who feel entitled to decide who should live and who should die. Soviet communism and Nazi socialism did not hesitate to identify and condemn the “useless eaters” to an early death. We are headed in the same direction.

I also see a perfect storm of stupidity and naïveté in the actions of our government, our financial institutions, and in the ignorance of our electorate.

Our president is fundamentally ignorant of the responsibilities of his high office. It’s not his fault; he was voted into office because he was an articulate African American, not because he had any knowledge national defense, finance, the economy, or international relations. He’s just a slick-talking “community organizer”, an ideologue with a notable affinity for political radicals and radical Islam, who espoused socialism many years ago. Sadly, for the rest of us, our president brought with him into office a cloud of like-minded socialists, communists, former terrorists, scofflaws, and crooks. We can hardly blame the president; it was the millions of ignorant, stupid, blatantly racist members of our electorate who put him into office. There is no other explanation for the 98 and 70 percent voter margins of the last presidential election.

This tragic election outcome could not have occurred at a worse time. Our Community organizer-in-chief must deal with the many imminent life-and-death issues facing America, which will take more than the best talents of the best community organizer.

How can our community organizer deal with the world-wide Islamic jihadist revolutions, which seek to destroy America and all of western civilization? Look how he has bungled the recent Egyptian revolution. What can he be expected to do about the other Islamic nations (Pakistan, Iran, Syria, even Myanmar) having or seeking to produce atomic weapons? And, those criminal nations producing and marketing weapons of mass destruction, like North Korea, China and Russia?

Even Uncle Ugo in Venezuela wants his nuclear weapons.

Then, there is the problem of America going bankrupt and having the dollar dismissed as the world’s currency standard. And of course something close to 20 percent of Americans are out of work.

Our borders remain open and we are inundated with millions of illegal immigrants. Mexico has become essentially a failed state where even the army cannot control the $50 billion dollar drug business and where Americans are now routinely murdered by the cartels on American soil.

What’s a community organizer to do?

I wish it were possible to return to the 1950s, before everything began to fall apart in the 1960s. As much as I hate to admit it, at the present time, America for all her wondrous history is disintegrating. Amidst all of these issues, and two wars, our top military leaders have decided to permit openly homosexual persons into the ranks. How things have changed! I can’t imagine the guys I soldiered with at Ft. Bragg holding hands in ranks, or giving the First Sergeant a little peck on the cheek. I can readily understand confusion, disorder, even bloodshed, however, when this disgusting plan is implemented. Can anyone in their right mind imagine combat troops tolerating openly homosexual men in the ranks? How about SEALS?

Our military leaders, especially our Commander in Chief, have betrayed our fighting men and women, and the historical moral compass has been smashed. I would refuse to serve in such a military. I would strongly persuade any children of mine not to serve in such a military. It would be dishonorable.

This bastardly plan by military leaders of questionable character has already placed women in combat roles (soon to include submarine duty). It will be impossible to avoid drafting women in time of future wars.

America has lost its way; it is losing its soul. Only the strongest, most determined conservative majority in congress, and a new president with strong Judeo-Christian credentials, can save this nation at this late date.