Fillmore’s election is over. I wish I could rejoice. The Katzenjammers have won again.

I guess a formula of sorts has been established to win city elections. In part, this formula includes the inclusion of at least two candidates to serve as scapegoats, sacrificed to drain-off about 25 percent, the clueless part of our electorate. But that’s democracy.

Conservatives pretty well swept the national election, but we still have to contend with Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, and Old Rubber Lips, Barney Frank. The city council catastrophe is nearly complete now, with the exception of Councilman Steve Conaway who is the last remaining vestige of common sense, experience, and moral character. We deserve the government we choose. Let’s see what’s left in our city coffers by the next election.
The only way this town will be delivered from the Katzenjammer grip is to create a political counter organization that can get out the vote. In the last two years we have lost our city manager, our financial director, city clerk, and other long-time staff members. Most have been replaced with temporary, interim, part time people. We have a city staff so concerned with affairs at city hall that they have submitted two letters of no confidence. The interim managers, hired to finish the budget, left us with no budget and hundreds of thousands of dollars of expense for their employment. City government is in a mess with no clear, near term plan to fix anything.

One bright spot – our school board. Congratulations to Kim, Lucy, and Dave. I regret that Mark did not make it, but we have three great new members just the same.

More next week after I recover from my general political depression.