Well, this is the last edition of the Gazette before Election Day. I’ve already expressed my despair at having to choose two more Fillmore City Council members. But last night’s city council meeting has concentrated my mind. I urge everyone to view this kabuki theater gone wild (Channel 10, 6:30) to get a better understanding of just how far off the tracks our city government has come since the last election which established the Katzenjammer majority of Patti Walker, Jamey Brooks, and Gayle Washburn. Patti is again running. Since being appointed mayor by her political cronies on the council, her affinity for secrecy and micromanagement has been energized, to the alarm and distress of city staff. As I’ve said before, Patti is now sufficiently tutored in public corruption to qualify for higher office. She is the only council member in city history to be censured, the only one to refuse to sign the traditional ethics pledge, a serial violator of the Brown Act, and a habitual, self-serving liar. Patti’s recent attacks against Councilwoman Laurie Hernandez in the Ventura Star, and from her seat on the dais, are contemptible. You can tell when Patti is lying by that habitual smarmy expression; I emphasize the word “habitual”. I’m told that I left that meeting a little too soon. Council Member Hernandez engaged Walker in a “discussion” about Walker’s accusations to the Star. High fives to Laurie!
I have attended more than 500 council meetings during the past 21 years. None have been as memorable as this Tuesday night’s spectacular.

The Katzenjammer coalition lined up to speak against the Gazette, its publisher, and to make longwinded campaign speeches. Mayor Patti lost control of time and order, permitting unprecedented leeway for her political supporters, highlighted by that old charmer, Gary Creagle.

This was another Creagle spectacular. After bellying up to the mike he began to harangue, in a foghorn tone, the council, the Gazette, the Gazette’s publisher, a couple of candidates for the council, and warned that he would take any action necessary to protect our city manager, right after he confessed he had never met her. He also cautioned (as he has done several times before) that he was a man of means who could and would take action in any case he saw fit. This cowardly blowhard has not even been a resident of Fillmore for years.

Creagle berated council members in a threatening voice, pointing to particular members. Mayor Walker sat with an air of disinterest while her political bedfellows attacked her critics. Creagle also criticized council candidate Alex Mollkoy for daring to enter the race as a write-in candidate, emphasizing that Mollkoy wouldn’t have to release a financial donor list until after the election. Creagle is such a Bozo that he doesn’t know it is a right of any California voter to become a write-in candidate. His criticism actually implied that Mollkoy may have taken money from donors Creagle doesn’t approve of. Incredible.

My disgust with Patti Walker and her minions has reached a stage where I, in conscience, have to change my previous endorsement.

I was impressed with Mr. Mollkoy’s defence of his record in the city. He has been unfairly maligned by both Creagle and Sipes. Therefore, my council endorsements must go to Alex Mollkoy and David Lugo. In my opinion they both place the interests of the City of Fillmore first. The tag team of Brian Sipes and his Mom is too bizarre. Both have placed the interests of their business ahead of the interests of the city. What other candidate have we ever seen promote his business over his candidacy in his campaign mailings?

FOR CITY COUNCIL: David Lugo and Alex Mollkoy.
FOR SCHOOL BOARD: Kimberly Rivers, Lucy Rangel, and Mark Austin.
Please VOTE!