We’ve been getting some inquiries about the new high school football field and track facilities. Some concern has been expressed about the possibility the school district may not permit public access to the track.
A number of residents have been using the track to exercise for many years, especially in the evening. I spoke with Michael Bush briefly on Monday (Assistant Superintendent-financial services). Mr. Bush told me that the issue of public access to the track will be presented to the school board at its next, August 5, meeting. The board is expected to decide at that time.
The reason this has become an issue is the fact that the district is laying down a new, expensive, all-weather track. Other high schools with similar tracks have been contacted to see how they deal with the question. Some have open access, others jealously guard the track and permit no public access.
The new rubberized track surface can be damaged easily by persons wearing hard-soled shoes. Also, vandalism is always a threat.
Mr. Bush invites anyone having a concern about this issue to attend the August 5 board meeting in the school district building.
Just an observation: It might be a good idea to remove the stop sign at the intersection of Central Avenue and Main Street. Since construction is complete at that location, it’s no longer needed, and unnecessarily impedes traffic.
The fire department reported only two incidents of damage caused by Tuesday’s earthquake. A couple of tiles fell from VONS ceiling, and a crack appeared on the old packinghouse at ‘A’ Street. I’m sure someone else had a dish or two fall, but we haven’t heard of anything else.