This week the Gazette attempted to gather comments from all council members and Fillmore’s city manager about the no confidence letter issued by city employees. It should be noted that Councilman Jamey Brooks was the only council member who refused to cooperate. As is his habit, Jamey dislikes having to communicate with the residents of Fillmore. So much for all that talk about open government we heard prior to the last election. This attitude bodes poorly for Fillmore’s future, especially in view of the fact that, with the exception of Mr. Lugo, this year’s candidates are the most unqualified in this city’s history. Any experience incumbent Patti Walker may have is in my opinion totally outweighed by her insatiable desire to call the shots, whether or not she knows what she is doing.

The confusion, deceit, and incompetence exhibited by the council majority these past two years has created such a poisonous atmosphere that the most qualified potential candidates are repelled; they want nothing to do with public service in Fillmore. In my opinion, adding Brian Sipes to the council, with Jamey Brooks and Gayle Washburn, would create an intellectual catastrophe great enough to stop what progress may be possible. Adrian Grimaldo just hasn’t shown much interest after entering the contest. There is another candidate, but he is too much of a coward to face the people.

The residents of Fillmore had better do their homework before November 2. If you think city government is in turmoil now, just wait. Get involved. Learn something about the candidates, their backgrounds, attitudes, and character.