Well, Israel did not strike Iran’s nuclear site. Either Israel has decided on a highly unconventional method of destroying this menace later, or the Middle East will now have to deal with nuclear blackmail from one of the world’s most evil and aggressively unstable Muslim nations. With Pakistan, China, North Korea, and Russia assisting other terrorist nations, the threat is imminent. The world’s top terrorist experts tell us a nuclear attack on America is a certainty; we just don’t know when.

Have any meaningful preparations been made to assist survivors of such an attack? The answer is, of course, no. “Homeland Security” is a preposterous fraud. Just look at the increasingly bloody battles on our southern border.

This may sound too 1950s, but unfortunately, the need for “civil defense” emergency food, water, and medicine, is much greater today than 60 years ago. The attack will be launched by Muslim jihadists (demanded by both Quran and Hadith) and welcomed by communists and other criminal elements. Think of the aftermath of a nuclear attack on Los Angeles. Food, water, and medical facilities are gone. Imagine what LA’s famously clogged freeways will look like, flooded with vehicles and hysterical drivers seeking to escape the fiery chaos. Maybe it would be a good idea to locate multiple centers of life-saving supplies near those areas most people would be heading towards after such an attack.

Washington might act on this problem if post-disaster preparation were deemed an idea Too Big to Fail.