As I write these words only two days remain in Israel’s window of opportunity to destroy Iran’s nuclear terror complex. That is, absent the military destruction of the reactor, Russia (the contractor) will further empower another evil atomic aggressor by the placement of the fuel rods, just as China helped North Korea.

That act would be consistent with Russia’s roll in the world since 1917. There is a profound evil consistency among the anti-Judeo-Christian and anti-democratic nations of the world. They seem to bear a curse almost unique to atheist societies, that of constantly stirring up hatred, wars and rumors of war. This is done in their constant pursuit of domination of the world, or, as China sees it, universal, atheistic hegemony. Central to all of these evil orders is a hatred of freedom – freedom to worship, freedom of private property, speech, association, etc. America is the only power on earth today with the ability to defend against this universal evil. Israel is the only country in the Middle East which shares America’s ethics and ethos of freedom and self-determination.

Under Obama, America has abandoned its only friend in the Middle East, Israel. It may have been determined that, without America’s traditional help, Israel could not effectively destroy the new nuclear site. The price we will pay for not assuring that the Iranian nuclear complex is destroyed will be huge for the free nations of the world.


The plans for the ground zero mosque are everywhere in the news. This plan is Islam’s way of celebrating its “victory” in its sneak attack on the twin towers, which killed thousands of innocent, unsuspecting people – including many Muslims.

It is being heralded as the “Victory Mosque” and as something related to the Caliphate of Cordoba, before 1492, where Christians lived in dhimmitude under Islam. Others (the politically correct) claim it is an attempt to bring closure to the murderous outrage of 9/11.

I would approve of the new 13-story mosque at ground zero when: a church is built in Saudi Arabia, along with a 13-story monument to the battle of Lapanto (1571). Otherwise, this mosque must be seen as deliberately designed to attract Jihadists from around the world who now make pilgrimages to the sites of Islam’s bloodiest atrocities.

This mosque plan is a deliberate outrage.