Well, it appears that four candidates for Fillmore City Council have tossed their hats in the ring. Correction – that’s three hats and one beanie. This is a critical election for the city, and a de facto referendum on voter confidence. If you like what the Katzenjammers have brought to city government during the past two years you now have an opportunity to vote-in two of their buddies.


Several months ago I characterized the U.S. as bankrupt. That comment was quickly criticized as incorrect. I strongly urge everyone to read a poignant article from Bloomberg which has been posted to the "Publisher's Blog" located here. In very simple, clear language you will learn what has happened to the American economy because of the spendthrift Obama policies. Read it and weep. It’s entitled: U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know; By Laurence Kotlikoff - Aug 10, 2010

Bloomberg Opinion. We haven’t even begun to experience the economic devastation we have brought upon ourselves by over taxing and over spending (during the past 60 years). But, while we have lived with reckless financial abandon for a long time, Obama’s fiscal policies have super-sized the problem. It’s obvious now that our government (federal, state, and local) is so profoundly corrupt that only major political surgery can save the patient. Our best hope is to unsheathe a sharp scalpel in November.


Welcome back Captain Hagel and the whole Sheriff’s team. They have just returned from Siberia where they ran another Marathon. We await details and photos for next week’s Gazette.