As some of our readers may have learned, the Gazette website has been harassed by an emotionally unstable young man who is distressed by a few of my editorials.

I am always amazed at the reaction some topics will provoke, especially since the Gazette is such a small newspaper, compared to the media monoliths of today. The only political spot in the Gazette is the editorial, which numerous letters often counterbalance. Why don’t local liberals just skip my 300 words and go directly to the news? That’s what progressives and liberals always tell conservatives to do when it comes to topics like pornography and squandering tax money.

One question arising from this unstable blogger’s attacks is whether to release the threatening telephone harangue he left at the Gazette’s office. This blogger personifies the new breed of cyber-weenies that internet anonymity has spawned. They are by far the biggest headache for those trying to maintain a credible website.
In extreme cases it is now far easier to identify and prosecute/sue a blogger who has threatened or defamed an innocent party on the internet.

I am still trying to decide whether or not to release the telephone message in question. What bothers me most in this case is the extreme blasphemy he expresses, the same he posted to the site. Do I release such a thing in order to show who this person is, or do I not? I would like your opinion. Post your opinion on the blog at

In any event, “robertolepe”, get some help.

* * *

News in Fillmore is slow when school is out. We’re anxious for classes to open on the 18th. Also, football will be back again!

* * *

To date, 7 residents have pulled papers to run for city council. They are: Laurie Hernandez; Marcoz Hernandez; Antonio Hernandez; Patti Walker; Brian Sipes; Bernardo Lugo, and Adrian Grimaldo. The deadline date for pulling and filing papers is Friday, August 6th.